What to buy an accountant for Christmas 295

The office is decorated, you’ve planned your staff Christmas party and Secret Santa gifts are being bought.

But wait – you’ve picked the accountant’s name out of the hat and have no idea what to buy for them! Cue a last-minute panic, trawling the shops searching for the right Christmas gift.

Your accountant can usually be found sitting quietly in their office crunching numbers, or often they aren’t even onsite, so it can be difficult to know what to get them as a gift.

Luckily for you, as accountants ourselves, we have some great ideas of what to buy an accountant for Christmas…


Novelty mug

A mug is always a safe Secret Santa gift for anyone, and someone with their head regularly stuck in tax returns and invoices needs a lot of coffee to get through the day! Etsy has some great choices, we especially like this one:



Your accountant is probably always jotting down notes and figures, so a cool notebook makes the perfect gift. While you’re at it, why not get on their good side by admitting they’re always right! This ‘The Accountant is always right’ notebook is available on Amazon:


Wall Art

A picture that your accountant can hang on the wall of their office would make a good Christmas gift, and we love this Accountant print – possibly with a little dig at yourself if you tend to ask your accountant a lot of questions!


Fidget Cube

Fidget cubes are all the rage with kids, but are also very useful for those who get struggle to focus when working out difficult problems. With different switches and buttons, this is the perfect gift for desk tappers – there’s always one in the office!


Handheld Shredder

If you want to head down the more useful gift route, a handheld paper shredder that can be used on the go is handy for destroying copies of old receipts, bank statements or paperwork that isn’t needed any more. Usually sticklers for rules, any accountant will find this useful.


We hope these gift suggestions have given you some Christmas present inspiration for the accountant in your life!

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