Abigail Langridge

HMRC penalties and how to avoid them

Nobody wants be fined, but unfortunately when you run a business there are various penalties you run the risk of facing. Whether you file your own tax returns or have an accountant submit your VAT for you, any liability for penalties for late returns, late payments or any errors on […]

Are You Ready For Making Tax Digital?

The HMRC launched a pilot for a new online VAT service last month, inviting more than half a million businesses to try it before it is rolled out to all businesses on 1st April 2019. What is Making Tax Digital (MTD)? If you haven’t already heard of Making Tax Digital […]

When is a cake not a cake?

When it is a biscuit! True… No VAT is charged on plain biscuits or cakes. But when a biscuit is covered in chocolate it becomes a luxury and standard rate VAT at 20% is added to the price. Mcvities, famous for their Jaffa Cakes, added chocolate to the cake and […]

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Magpie Acc Blog - Do you know your numbers

Do you know your numbers?

As a freelancer, sole trader or small business owner, other than knowledge of your own trade the most important thing to keep on top of in your business are the numbers. Income, expenses, cashflow, projections, first hand knowledge of these will prove to be the most important information you will […]

Is it time to go Limited?

Many people begin their business journey as a sole trader, but there are definite advantages to be gained by operating as a limited company. According to the latest statistics from Companies House, there are approximately 4 million incorporated companies in the UK and roughly 93% of them are active. Going […]

Magpie Acc Blog - Is it time to go limited

Magpie Acc Blog - Let us take care of your numbers

Let us take care of your numbers

As a business owner wouldn’t it be amazing to have someone on hand, keeping on top of your numbers, making sure you keep more of the money you earn rather than paying it in tax. These people do exist and we are ACCOUNTANTS! When you work for yourself or run […]