Making Tax Digital – HMRC Hit Pause

The government has caved into pressure over Making Tax Digital and has delayed rollout by ‘at least’ two years until 2020 with the deferral confirmed by the Treasury, although quarterly VAT reporting using the system will be mandatory from 2019. The original plan from the government and HMRC would have […]

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Dividends can be as easy as A, B, C

ABC shares are useful because income by the way of dividends can be voted separately for each class of share, so avoiding the use of dividend waivers. HMRC often say that this is evidence of what they claim is tax avoidance, but there is often very little that they can […]

Tax: Don’t Delay, Submit Today

With Christmas and New Year a distant memory now, attention turns to the 31 January 2018 deadline for self-assessment tax return. Don’t let that post holiday lull lead you into problems with the tax man, because as we all know the tax man waits for no one! If the tax […]

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Business Expenses – The Facts

What you can and can’t include when claiming expenses for your business can be a bit of a minefield, here are a few pointers to stop you getting into bother with the good people at HMRC:   Are you throwing money away!! Every single receipt is precious for a small […]

It’s Tax Season, Are You Prepared?

We all know that businesses need to pay tax, but how many sole traders and small businesses are actually properly advised on what they should be paying, both as businessentities and as tax-paying individuals? If you’re operating as a sole trader or partnership you are eligible to pay Income Tax […]

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Accountants: More than Tax Returns

It’s January, the time when everyone gets themselves in a tiz about their self-assessment tax return. But imagine you had someone on hand all year, not just January, keeping on top of your numbers, making sure you keep more of the money you earn rather than paying it in tax. […]