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Tax returns, it’s not too early…

Sole traders across the UK will notice letters from the taxman dropping through their letterboxes in the days ahead, reminding them that the tax year has ended and it’s now time to file their Self-Assessment Tax Return. Of course, the deadline for filing is 31st October for paper returns, or […]

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Tax deductions – Don’t miss out!

When completing your tax return a good accountant will check that all of your tax deductions are included. Sadly, however, some are less pro-active and will simply process the details you give them, without looking for extra tax savings. So, to maximise your tax deductions, you need to make sure […]

Get those invoices paid quickly

The problems faced by small business due to late payments have been very much in the news lately, as a business owner you are very aware of the importance of getting paid on time and that payment delays can seriously disrupt cash flow. When searching for ways to speed up […]

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Magpie Acc Blog - Business Plan vs Business Model

Business Plan vs Business Model

Starting a small business is no small decision. But despite the countless sacrifices and challenges small business owners face, an overwhelming 84 percent of small business owners would do it all over again! When you tell friends and family you are about to take this step you will be inundated […]

Making Tax Digital – HMRC Hit Pause

The government has caved into pressure over Making Tax Digital and has delayed rollout by ‘at least’ two years until 2020 with the deferral confirmed by the Treasury, although quarterly VAT reporting using the system will be mandatory from 2019. The original plan from the government and HMRC would have […]

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Magpie Acc Blog - Accountants_Dividends can be as easy as ABC

Dividends can be as easy as A, B, C

ABC shares are useful because income by the way of dividends can be voted separately for each class of share, so avoiding the use of dividend waivers. HMRC often say that this is evidence of what they claim is tax avoidance, but there is often very little that they can […]